Prof. Richmond Stroupe

Richmond Stroupe has worked with university and professional language learners from Asia since 1989. He received a Ph.D. in International Comparative Education from the University of Southern California and has been involved in the development of language learning programs in a number of contexts. He is the Chair of the Master's Program in International Language Education: TESOL at Soka University, Japan. Richmond is professionally active in Japan, as the President of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT), in the United States, with TESOL International Association through involvement in various committees and task forces, and in Cambodia, with CamTESOL (Cambodia TESOL), as a member of the Advisory Board of the IDP Education sponsored Language Education in Asia publication. Richmond actively conducts workshops, publishes and presents on a variety of professional activities and research projects, which include teacher education practices, curriculum and professional development, and developing learners' critical thinking skills.




Beyond the English Language Classroom: How Teachers can help prepare Students for a Global Community Increasingly, our English language learners engage with a community on a global scale. How can we best prepare our learners for these new forms of communication and new challenges? While higher levels of English

language proficiency are important, as part of the global community, our learners as global citizens will be required to develop 21st-century skills, including being autonomous, confident, and able to think critically. In addition, our learners will need to be able to effectively manage large amounts of information, use technology efficiently, understand the cultural perspectives of others, and work collaboratively. While these skills can be incorporated into language and content programs, this also increases the expectations placed on students and instructors alike. This presentation will explore how integrating 21st-century skills in order to prepare learners for a global community has been successful in a variety of contexts. The presenter will also include effective approaches to help our learners achieve these skills, and strategies to overcome obstacles when trying to support learners through this process.


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